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- (Dennis) Diggy came from an online game called Diamond Digger Saga.
- Oli was originally a French comic not made by me. I made a new, translated comic.
- The Getaway from Aliens (or GFA) are actually in the Soviet Union (old comics only).
- The computers in the Funnytop comics are all Apple Macs.
- The computers in the Funnytop comics are all immune to Corona virus!
- Mr. Appleby, the math teacher from the comics, was named after a restaurant - Applebee's!
- "Revenge of the Diggers" is a parody of "Revenge of the Sith"
-Edward Funnytop (Funnytop Season 4-onward) was based on an elf from Amulet graphic novels!
-Several memes (Stonks, Big Chungus, Uh Oh Stinky, Helth, Slenderman, and Dat Boi) appear in the comics!
- Evil Funnytop used to suck blood!

- The reason the Spy has a magic wand in Evil Funnytop #69 is beacause of a print error!
- Tri-Horn, the antagonist of the Green Ninja comics, makes musical instruments. Seriously!
- The Funnytop computers are related to Slenderman and Jeff the Killer.

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