Here is a list of my comic characters!

1. Diggy
He came from an online game, Diamond Digger Saga. He is Funnytop's best friend. He defeated FireBox.

2. Evil funnytop
He survived the battle that defeated most of his allies. He was the third oldest bad guy in my comics, and he is in most of my new comics.

3. Funnytop
He hates his evil counterpart, and helps diggy. He stars in two graphic novels.

4. Victor the vacuum cleaner
Evil funnytop's main enemy. This guy has helped Funnytop and Diggy in most of their adventures.

5. The getaway from aliens team(40 characters)
They drive Ben the Bus, a silly school bus. They have saved the world many times, before the times of Evil Funnytop.

6. Dumb robot
Dumb robot is a funny, dumb robot. He has been up to a LOT of funny adventures!

7. Illuminati
Illuminati was a character I created accidentally, when the Illumnati was popular in my class. He helps Evil Funnytop.

8. Firebox(11 characters)
FireBox, not FireFox! FireBox was evil funnytop's main helper. Luckily, he gets defeated in the 40th Evil Funnytop comic.

9. Mr. Scanner
He seemed to be a mean guy, but helped the Ninjas defeat FireBox.

10. Carlson and friends(15 characters)
This character came from a Soviet cartoon, that was inspired by a story by Astrid Lindergen. He likes jam.

11. Cubic Characters(too many too count!)
Mr Scanner, green ninja, Mr Nobrain, and Blue Ninja are only some of these characters. Read more about them in Welcome to Backyard comics.

12. New classic characters(20 of 'em!)
This refers to most characters on this page.
View these characters and some Objects from the comics

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