XD Backup

'How to' guide

- Problems

If the whole site is down, or any big page (like XD's home page) is down, it might be having a virus scanned or removed.

If the backup doesn't work, it is being changed.

If Backup is not accessible, the backup is being changed.

If Help won't load, it is being fixed or needs a fix.

If a help guide can't show images, the images are being replaced.

If Login won't work, it needs a fix and will be fixed soon.

If File Viewer won't work, it is being fixed or needs a fix.

If the Backup Action page won't work, the account might be temporarily down so if can be fixed. Or it might be an inactive account.

If the Backup Upload says "There was a Problem", the file might be unsupported, or it simply needs a fix.

If icons are missing, they are being replaced.